How To Get Mutual Consent Divorce With The help of Lawyers

In India, marriage is a sacred bond between both the partners. There are times when due to a number of unfortunate situations partners' relationship does not appear to be operating well, so they decide to be separated. There are two ways to take a divorce

1 - Mutual Divorce

2- Contested Divorce

Here we have explained the about both the divorce type and their process

Mutual Consent Divorce

Mutual Consent Divorce is a type of divorce in which both the partners can mutually opt to end their marriage with no need to struggle for demonstrating their sides and getting something in the courtroom. This sort of divorce can be supposedly uncontested divorce because the husband and the spouse collectively decide about all of the conditions of divorce and relevant activities including children's custody, alimony/maintenance, and of both movable and immovable property. If you are looking for mutual divorce contact our best lawyers in Delhi team. 

Contested Divorce

This type of divorce is totally opposite from the mutual divorce. As the name suggests In the contested divorce one partner is looking for the divorce while the other is opposing it. Partners fight with others regarding the alimony and movable and immovable property which can take ugly turns. 

 In Case of mutual consent divorce, the two spouses submit a joint divorce request whereas in contested divorce, one partner file for the divorce against the other one in the court. 

Mutual Consent Petition Court Proceedings:

Steps for Mutual Divorce 

  • Filing a divorce request (Initial motion)
  • Cooling off period 
  • Filing second motion 
  • Divorce decree

Contested Petition Court Proceedings:

 Proceedings for contested Divorce 
  • Filing divorce request 
  • Court notice to another party 
  • statement recording 
  • cross-examination of witnesses and evidence Divorce decree

Ground for Divorce

Mutual consent divorce

In Mutual consent divorce, no partner needs to show any reason for the divorce as both the partners have already discussed their problems with each other and agreed. Each partner has cleared each and everything from each other and just filed for divorce. On the other hand there may be many grounds like psychological cruelty, adultery, physical cruelty, mental illness, conversion of religion etc. At least one of these grounds besides any other appropriate ground have to be contained in the divorce request on the grounds where the divorce is contested by one partner against another.

Cooling Off Period:

The court gives 6 month cooling-off span time to rethink their choice of ending their marriage and reconcile in the event of mutual divorce in India. In the event of divorce, there's absolutely no such notion of a cooling-off period. 

How Do I Get a Divorce? 

If you are looking for divorce and want that the process must be smooth and easy then you must look for a divorce lawyer. We at best lawyers, are one of the best divorce lawyers in Delhi and choosing us will be a win-win position for you. In precisely the exact same manner, picking a mediocre skilled attorney can create a tough position for you to eliminate your poisonous marriage. and that is why experts say that picking the best one keeps you ahead in the race and makes sure victory. 

If You're going through a miserable marriage and would like to eliminate it, with no delay you need to contact us now. Most of us know that time is valuable and wasting time in a failed marriage isn't a one's hurt except you.


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